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Live casino gaming has given online gaming a new edge. The ability to see and interact like in traditional casinos has made online casino gaming more realistic. With a live casino First Person Blackjack, players can connect from all over the globe. These live casinos offer gaming in a virtual 3D animated world.

There are no live dealers in this First Person game. Also, there are no other players at the table. The Evolution Live casino software providers have given this game a real-life element by enabling the use of real cards and a real table. The 3D video streaming has even made the experience better since players observe every hand being dealt in real-time. All they have to do is to press the “deal now” button to instruct the dealer. There’s also a “go live” button that directs the player to the Live Casino Games Lobby.

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What is Live First Person Blackjack?

First Person Blackjack is inclusive of all the usual Blackjack bets and also the popular Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets. It is a random number generator (RNG) based casino game. The game is dealt with a six-deck shoe with Vegas Rules. There is a provision for multiple camera angles which enable players to zoom in on the table, enhancing their experience. The game has offered a similar feel and looks like other live dealer games.

Live First Person Blackjack has grown in terms of popularity among players especially because of the live aspect where players can play from anywhere using mobile devices.

How to Play First Person Blackjack

When playing First Person Blackjack, a player’s objective is to get a total card count that is higher than that of the dealer. The card count should not go beyond 21. This game is played with the usual Blackjack rules. In this live casino game, one plays against the virtual dealer. The best hand that can be dealt in a First-Person Blackjack game is when the first two cards have a value of exactly 21. The cards with numbers 2-10 are worth their face value. Ace cards are worth either 1 or 11 while face cards are worth 10.

The first step in the game is placing a bet on who will win. After the betting phase, the dealer will deal two cards face up to the player. Gameplay will begin with the player on the dealer’s left side. The fourth step involves the dealer dealing a second card face up for players and a face down for the dealer. The player is going to see their card’s value on the screen. The player with a card value of 21 has a Blackjack and becomes the winner.

Extra Rounds

In case the dealer does not have a 2 figure, players are dealt another card. At this stage, the player can Double Down, Hit or Stand. The player then splits their cards in case they had two with equal value. Each represents a hand with an equal bet. The dealer then flips their face-down cards after players have made all their moves, deciding the winner. When the dealer shows an Ace, players have insurance. In the case of a Blackjack, the round is completed and players with insurance get their payout. Otherwise, gameplay continues normally.

The Rules of First Person Blackjack

Some of the rules encountered while playing First Person Blackjack include:

  • Bet behind - This rule allows a player to bet on another‘s hand while waiting for a seat at the table. With providers, bet behinds are limitless.

  • Double any 2 - This terminology means that a player can double down when they have any combination of cards. This gives the player freedom to choose.

  • Hit split ace - This is a rule that means a player only receives one more card after splitting a pair of aces.

  • Side bets - Players can place side bets at First Person Blackjack tables and they are on precise outcomes and have massive prizes. Perfect Pairs is a form of a side bet with this game. A pair is dealt and the payout is dependent on the characteristics of the pair.

  • Surrender - This is a rule that allows players to give up before their turn and get 50% of their stake back.

First Person Blackjack Payout

First Person Blackjack in live casinos is strictly a real money game with some substantial Return to Player (RTP). The main game has a 99.29% payout. Players of this First Person live game are assured of a multiplier that lies between 2 and 25 on the winning score. The multiplier is saved for the next round which increases the payout in case of a win. This live casino game is only available through Evolution Software. The payout for the 21+3 Side Bet is at 96.30% while perfect pairs have an RTP of 95.29%.

Payouts are made immediately after every gaming round. The player receives the balance in their casino balance from where they can proceed to withdraw or use it to play other rounds or different games within the site.

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