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Has anyone ever wanted to play a live casino game without launching a live stream? Is that even possible in the first place? Well, it is worth clarifying a few things. Evolution Gaming is, without a shadow of a doubt, the king when it comes to supplying top live games. This live casino software provider has created a series of First Person casino games to broaden its offerings, with live First Person Baccarat being one of its latest releases.

Unlike traditional live baccarat, First Person live baccarat is an RNG-based game. Does this put off live dealer baccarat lovers? So, what does Evolution's First Person live baccarat have to offer the live gaming aficionados?

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How to Play Evolution's First Person Live Baccarat

Players must, first of all, know how to play the game before getting started at live casinos. First Person live baccarat is a game of chance in which players predict which hand will be closest to nine. It pays to understand that Aces are both the most valuable and least valuable cards in this game. The numbered cards have the value of the number on their faces, while the 10s and face cards have no value. The game is played by adding the card values together, and the last digit of the summation determines whether the player has won or lost.

General Information

Game nameFirst Person Baccarat
Game providerEvolution
Game typeBaccarat
Streaming fromLatvia

The Rules of Live First Person Baccarat

There are numerous bets, and side bets at the First Person live baccarat tables to choose from. Each bet comes with its own rules, payouts, and guidelines for playing.

How Are Point Totals Scored?

In this live game, how total points are scored in First Person is different from the traditional live baccarat, even though the two games are pretty similar. This could result in some confusion if it is not addressed. Now, in the First Person variant, Aces are always low in this game since they only count for one point. Similarly, cards two through nine are worth their face value, making them relatively easy to grasp. However, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 10s differ.

In this game, hand scores are determined by the "ones" digit of the total number of cards in that particular hand. As a result, totals of 29 and 17 are actually scores of nine and seven, respectively. Consequently, all Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 10s can be scored as either zero or ten points. The player's choice makes no difference since none of them has any bearing on the score.

Single-Hand Gameplay Procedure

The game begins with a player placing wagers and side bets. Two cards are then dealt to the hands (Player and Banker). Depending on the rules of the house, a third card may be added to either of the hands. After the point totals of the two hands are determined, the bets will be resolved, and a new hand is dealt. The hand that comes closest to getting an eight or nine without going over wins. The first digit is removed if the cards in the player's hand push them above 10.

Live First Person Baccarat Payouts

First Person Baccarat comes with multiple side bets, with pair being the ones that appear most frequently. The either pair side bet is the easiest pair side bet to win. If a player gets any kind of pair in either the Banker or Player hand, they are paid 5:1. Banker and Player pair side bets pay only if a side bet is placed on the Player and Banker hand, respectively. They both pay 11:1 despite targeting two opposing hands.

Players who are hunting for big wins can try Perfect Pairs. It pays 25:1. Lucky players who get two flawless pairs win a 200:1 payout. Last but not least, there's the Player and Banker bonus. If the player's hand choice beats the dealer by four points or more, they get the bonus. The wider the gap in points, the higher the prize, with the best being 30:1. First Person live baccarat has a return to player of 98.76 percent, which is better than most titles found at top live casinos offer.

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