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ZainCash is an e-payment company based in Iraq and founded in 2016 by the Central Bank of Iraq.

It offers services for individuals and corporate organizations, including money transfers, payments directly to merchants, mobile recharging, and the ability to link a ZainCash account directly to a bank account. ZainCash also provided its users with its own version of MasterCard called the WalletCard in November 2018.

ZainCash is now Iraq's most popular e-payment brand, processing over a million financial transactions each month and boasting more than 8,000 agents across the country.

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Deposit with ZainCash

Deposit with ZainCash

ZainCash offers two types of eWallet; the Basic Wallet and the Permanent Wallet. The main difference between the two wallets is the amount a customer can deposit. There is a limit of 1,000,000 IQD per month for the Basic Wallet and 10,000,000 IQD a month for the Permanent Wallet.

After downloading the ZainCash app and registering a new wallet, it is easy to deposit with ZainCash and can be done in two ways.

The first way is to visit one of the 8,000 ZainCash agents and provide them with the wallet phone number and the amount of money to be deposited. The agent will then deposit the amount instantly.

The second way is to make a deposit via MasterCard or Visa. This is done by logging into the ZainCash app and choosing 'Recharge Wallet' from the main menu, and selecting 'Recharge by Card.'

Simply select the amount to be deposited, from 250 IQD to 700,000 IQD. Next, enter the card details (card number, expiration date, cardholder name, and security code) and click on 'Pay Now .' The deposit will be made.

There is a 1% fee for any deposits made with MasterCard or Visa.

Getting Started with ZainCash at Live Casinos

When getting started with ZainCash at any live casino, the first thing to do is to make sure it is an accepted payment method at the establishment. Suppose it is an accepted payment method, and the player has sufficient funds in their ZainCash account. In that case, they can begin making a payment to the casino to give them funds to start playing.

Most commonly, this is done by going to the cashier or banking section of their online casino account and selecting the option to make a deposit. Each platform may have slightly different steps to complete a deposit. Still, it should be a straightforward process with the casino guiding a player through the process.

There is a small fee for withdrawing money, 0.07% of the total amount withdrawn. Money can also be withdrawn directly from a licensed ZainCash agent or from over three million participating ATMs.

Players can also use the WalletCard to play at live casinos. The WalletCard is ZainCash's version of MasterCard and is directly linked to a ZainCash wallet. When in Iraq, the card works in IQD and can be used elsewhere globally, with the USD as the method of currency.

The WalletCard deposits incur a 1% fee, and money can be withdrawn at an ATM with a fee of 0.4% in IQD and a $5 charge per withdrawal in USD.

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