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Yandex Money is a prevalent payment method at live dealer casinos in Russia. Its website is available in both Russian and English. It is popular among Russian best live casinos since it allows multi-platform deposits from players. With Yandex Money, deposits are made at businesses that accept money, such as ATMs and cash machines.

When players create a Yandex Money account, they can choose between a virtual or physical MasterCard. They can link the live dealer casinos accounts to the Yandex account using this card. The payment provider was one of the first to provide ApplePay.

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General Information

General Information

NameYandex Money
Payment typeE-wallet
General Information
About Yandex Money

About Yandex Money

Yandex Money, based in Russia, is an e-wallet that makes it simple to pay for the best live games at casinos. It was founded by Yandex, Russia's most popular search engine and top softwares provider. Yandex collaborated with Sberbank, the country's largest bank. Thus, casinos that accept Yandex money are likely to be found across the entire Russian gaming sector. Yandex Money live casinos allow users to establish deposit restrictions to safeguard their wallets. Therefore, players can always restrict their gambling to what they can afford to lose.

The payment system began as a small start-up and has since grown to become one of Russia's most important financial institutions. It enables clients to make payments and receive cash from any place on earth. Furthermore, it can be used solely as an e-wallet for storing currency.

Why is Yandex Money Popular?

A mobile app is available for Yandex Money. Individuals may get the application from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Another feature that makes using Yandex Money popular is that users don't have to give their bank account information to the casino. They will be able to make secure live dealer casinos deposits.

Furthermore, when players use Yandex Money, most live dealer casinos do not charge processing costs. The likely charges are on the payment option’s side which has minimal fees for each transaction.

The ability to transfer payments in the Russian currency, the Ruble, is the key to Yandex Money's exponential growth in the casino sector. Because there are so many players from Russia, online casinos have been increasingly interested in allowing their loyal customers to deposit and withdraw in Russian Rubles.

But players should be careful if they want to try this payment option at the live dealer casinos. Even though Yandex Money is a global payment system, most merchants who accept it are located in Eastern Europe countries. It is widely used in Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Therefore interested users should double-check its availability in their regions.

About Yandex Money
Depositing with Yandex Money

Depositing with Yandex Money

Users must first make deposits before playing at the best Yandex money live online casino sites. They can use prepaid cards, bank cards, terminals, money transfer services, or ATMs to accomplish this. Users receive virtual debit cards when they create an account. The card comes in handy if Yandex Money is not offered as a payment method.

By using Yandex Money, players can avoid providing any bank information to the live dealer casinos, remaining relatively anonymous. Money is available reasonably fast. Yandex Money charges a processing fee of 0.5 percent of the transaction value. In comparison to other online payment providers, this cost is quite modest. 128-bit encryption is used to keep the user's financial information private and prevent fraud.

The Yandex Money electronic wallet is simple to use. First and foremost, players can get the mobile app for free at any moment. The deposit is made promptly and without further charges from the company or the casino. Users can immediately start playing the best live games with their funds.

How to Make a Direct Deposit with Yandex Money

  1. Find a Yandex Money-accepting online casino.
  2. Go to the YooMoney website.
  3. Create a user account.
  4. Users can also log in by linking their YooMoney account to their Facebook, Google, or Twitter accounts.
  5. Start using the YooMoney e-wallet after confirming the identification via email.
  6. Select Yandex in the Cashier area and enter the amount to deposit.
  7. Wait for the funds to arrive after confirming the transaction.
Depositing with Yandex Money
How to Make a Withdrawal with Yandex Money

How to Make a Withdrawal with Yandex Money

Withdrawing money from Yandex Money account is similar to the deposit process. Players must go to the casino's Cashier page and select Yandex as the withdrawal method. After that, they have to input the amount to withdraw and confirm the transaction. Alternatively, they can use their provided virtual cards as a withdrawal option.

Fees when using Yandex Money

Users will not be charged additional fees for using Yandex Money to make online casino deposits. However, they must be aware that Yandex will charge a fixed cost of 15 Rub, plus 3% of the amount to withdraw from Yandex Money to the bank account. The industry benchmark of 2.5 percent set by the top credit card firms, VISA and MasterCard, is higher at 3%. To some players, Paying 15 Rubles is not an issue; however, paying 3% on large amounts tends to seem a bit excessive.

Players should be aware that some casinos may impose some withdrawal charges. In that case, the casino provider discloses the fees upfront. Still, in most cases, Yandex Money deposits are free in the best live casinos. This is much like most other alternative payment method deposits.

The wallet amount of an unverified account is limited to 15,000 Rubles which is around 230 USD. Authenticated users can withdraw up to 500,000 Rubles, which is around 7,700USD. A user can make a single payment of up to 250,000 Rubles, 2,830 USD if they have appropriately authenticated the account. There may be certain restrictions and limitations. For further information, see the Limits and Commission page.

There are no additional expenses for top-ups; only a 3% withdrawal commission is charged.

How to Make a Withdrawal with Yandex Money