WebMoney Casinos - Safe Deposit

WebMoney is an internet payment service founded in 1998 by WM Transfer Limited (headquartered in Moscow, Russia). It was initially designed to serve USSR countries following a financial crisis. At that time, the US dollar was in high demand, and WebMoney had to provide USD transfer services, which led to its global presence. Today, it claims over 43 million users across the board. As an e-wallet, it holds funds that can be used for peer-to-peer payments, online shopping, and online gambling. With a massive consumer base, mainly from Russia, many real money casino sites accept WebMoney as a deposit and withdrawal method. This web page helps players find the best live online casinos to bet with WebMoney.

WebMoney Casinos - Safe Deposit
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Best Live Casinos with WebMoney

Best Live Casinos with WebMoney

Webmoney is a Russian-origin payment method launched in 1998 by WM Transfer Ltd. It uses an e-wallet technology to facilitate online purchases, internet gaming transactions, and peer-to-peer funds transfers.

The founders formed Webmoney to offer a USD-oriented transaction system following the 1998 Russian financial crisis. Russian users received the new invention positively, with thousands signing up for the service.

The system grew to cover the European markets in 2015 before going global in 2019. According to the providers, Webmoney now boasts a customer base of over 40 million globally. Their universal system now includes innovations like QR code payment processing, etc.

Webmoney offers live casino players a safe, anonymous, and convenient payment option.

This payment method is available as credit, debit, and virtual card. The service encompasses a network of providers or guarantors of funds. Most users transact through the WebMoney Keeper app when shopping or playing at the best live casinos because it is easily accessible on smartphones.

Set up a WebMoney account

Setting up a WebMoney account only takes a few simple steps. A few personal details like a national ID and a mobile number are required to register at the official website (https://www.wmtransfer.com/). Users must verify their email addresses and enter a verification code sent via SMS.

Once set up, customers fund the e-wallet via:

  • Bank wire
  • Cash
  • Mobile payment
  • Credit
  • Debit card

Like online banking, users can access and control their funds at the touch of a button.

There are various WebMoney keepers or purses:

  • Keeper WinPro
  • Keeper WebPro
  • Keeper Mobile
  • Keeper Standard

Users choose keepers based on their specific needs. For example, the Keeper Standard is the most basic wallet that works with all browsers. Keeper Mobile targets mobile users and can be used alongside WinPro and WebPro. More experienced customers prefer Webpro because it has additional features like E-NUM authorization. This is a verification mechanism that secures WM keys against malicious activities.

Best Live Casinos with WebMoney
Depositing with WebMoney at Live Casinos

Depositing with WebMoney at Live Casinos

When choosing a live casino, a gambler should always be mindful to pick one that supports its deposit methods.

A bank account is not mandatory to use WebMoney, making it a suitable option for those who don’t want to expose their identity when gambling. The service is also available for depositing at international gambling sites. Casino players eligible to use WebMoney will find it incredibly easy to make a deposit. First, they need to open an account with their chosen live dealer platform. Registration is a matter of minutes. They also need an account with WebMoney. The depositing process is as follows:

  1. Choose a suitable live casino and register
  2. Go to the cashier page and choose WebMoney
  3. Enter how much to place as a deposit
  4. Provide WebMoney login details and confirm the payment

WebMoney deposits are instant. This allows bettors to enjoy live games without delay. The financial details remain anonymous because no card or bank details are involved. The charge for each transaction is 0.8%, capped at €50. Transfer limits are based on the currency used. Anything above €200 will require an extra verification process.

Depositing with WebMoney at Live Casinos
Webmoney Supported Currencies and Countries

Webmoney Supported Currencies and Countries

Webmoney is more popular with users in Russia and Central and Eastern European countries. But, they opened their services to the global market. All users worldwide can send and receive online payments using the service. Players can also use Webmoney to fund their live casinos.

However, the currency options are limited since the system doesn’t allow all exchanges. Webmoney-supported currencies include:

  • USD
  • BYN
  • EUR
  • UAH
  • RUB

If a player wants to use Webmoney in live casinos with unsupported coins, they’ll have to change them to the accepted alternatives.

Webmoney Supported Currencies and Countries
Why Deposit with Webmoney?

Why Deposit with Webmoney?

Webmoney has taken pride in a reputation of reliability and security for over two decades. The method holds an FCA license to prove its legibility and protects peer-to-peer transactions via escrow. However, there are also cons that every player might want to know. Here are the upsides and downsides of the payment method.


  • Safe, fast, and reliable
  • Easy to sign up for and use
  • Processes casino transactions anonymously
  • Available to the global market


  • Not all live casinos accept Webmoney
  • Withdrawals take longer to process
  • Doesn’t support all currencies
  • All transactions attract a fee
  • There’s a cap on every transaction, depending on the coinage in use
Why Deposit with Webmoney?
Top Casino Bonuses for Webmoney

Top Casino Bonuses for Webmoney

Most live casinos accepting Webmoney offer bonuses to their players. Most of these bonuses are also available for players using other payment methods. They can range from welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and other promos for new and recurring players.

Welcome/Sign-Up Package

Welcome bonuses are typically available to first-time players after making their first real-money deposit at the casino. They always come as a matching percentage of the first deposit amount and are one-time offers. For instance, some casinos may offer 100%, 150%, or 300% bonuses on the first deposit.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are bonuses casinos award to players who invite other new members into the gaming site.

No Deposit Bonuses and Promotions

These bonuses and promotions don’t require the user to make any deposit and may come at different times. Most casinos offer no deposit bonuses and promotions to celebrate certain milestones, increase player engagement in the live casino, or mark certain occasions.

While bonuses may seem alluring, paying attention to the terms of use tied to the offer is essential. The wagering requirement, for instance, can pose some sky-high demands that won’t be worth the struggle. Also, checking the expiry dates of the bonuses and the accepted games will help a player tell if the offer will be available in the long run.

Top Casino Bonuses for Webmoney
Safety and Security at WebMoney

Safety and Security at WebMoney

Any gambler should be concerned about the safety of their personal data when playing at a live casino. Even though live games bring thrilling experiences, the more one plays them, the greater the risk of online fraud and data breaches. It is only natural that punters want to be sure that the live casino protects them. So, how does WebMoney ensure protection at internet gaming websites?

WebMoney was licensed by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in 2015 to offer services throughout the EEA region. An FCA license has a reputation for trustworthiness and security of financial data because the license holder must pass strict requirements and adhere to specific protocols. This means WebMoney is backed by escrow, an intermediary firm that holds funds, waiting for confirmation from the sender and the recipient.

Another aspect that makes WebMoney secure is its advanced data protection mechanisms. Customers can log in with their phone number, email, or WMID. Some WM Keeper transactions require secret keys stored in the user’s device. As far as privacy goes, WebMoney allows customers to choose what information they can reveal to a merchant site. Whether it is a deposit or withdrawal at a live dealer site, this payment method comes with complete confidentiality because the financial data will not be stored anywhere. This helps to deter most of the fraudulent activities common in betting arenas.

Safety and Security at WebMoney
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Everything you need to know about casinos

Is Webmoney safe to use in live casinos?

Yes. Webmoney uses heightened security features to protect all its users, including special secret files, code generators, and SMS verifications. Live casino players can enjoy anonymous transactions, securing their personal information from leaking to the platform.

What other options are there if a live casino doesn’t support Webmoney?

Webmoney is a universal online payment method. However, the service may not be available to some players since not all casinos accept Webmoney transactions. If a player can’t find Webmoney, similar e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill could provide viable options.

What are the transaction limits when using Webmoney in live casinos?

Webmoney doesn’t place a cap on how much a user can transact daily. However, some casinos have limits on deposits and withdrawals they approve daily. Thus, it’s best to abide by the rules of the casino.

Are there any fees for using Webmoney in live casinos?

Yes. Webmoney charges from 0.8% on all transactions. Funding a Webmoney wallet may include 2.5% bank fees and 1.5% wiring charges. Also, players may face a 2% to 10% charge for cash terminals and 0-4% if they use Webmoney’s exchange services.

How long do Webmoney live casino transactions take?

Funding a casino with Webmoney is fast, and the process completes immediately. However, withdrawing funds from a casino account using Webmoney is relatively slow and can take seven to ten days.

What can a player do if Webmoney doesn’t support their currency?

Webmoney only supports five regular currencies (USD, RUB, UAH, EUR, and BYN), plus popular virtual currencies like bitcoin. If a player’s currency isn’t supported, they may opt to exchange the funds to a Webmoney-supported coinage before transacting.

Does Webmoney give customer support in case of technical issues?

Yes. Webmoney has a team of friendly and professional representatives who are always ready to offer arbitrations and technical and financial guidance. Interested users can reach out to them via email or phone numbers.

How many live casinos have incorporated Webmoney?

The top online live casinos routinely accept WebMoney as a payment method. These are mainly from Eastern Europe.

Is Webmoney available to casino players in every country?

Yes. Webmoney is available to the global market, and all players can use the option in live casinos, regardless of their area of origin. However, players may want to do some research to establish if there are any restrictions. For instance, players in Ukraine may be unable to use the service due to the current sanctions.

Is Webmoney service available for mobile casinos?

Yes. Webmoney services are available to mobile casino users. For an ultimate experience, these players may want to download the WM wallet available for Windows phones, Android, Blackberry, and iOS smartphones.