Top 10 QIWI Live Casinos

QIWI is a popular Russian-e-wallet that operates on the premise of a prepaid Visa account. It operates on the physical, mobile, and online domains. It boasts over 10 million active users and a chain of more than 20,000 merchants. The platform handles millions of euros in digital transactions every day, which is a testament to its popularity. A good percentage of the digital transactions are usually from online casino deposits and withdrawals.

Merchants and best live casinos accepting QIWI are mostly from Russia and the Commonwealth Independent States. Loading funds into a QIWI account can be done from over 200,000 kiosks found within the Commonwealth Independent States region. QIWI accounts can also be loaded using Visa cards or other QIWI accounts.

Top 10 QIWI Live Casinos
Best Live Casinos with QIWI

Advantages of Using QIWI

Using QIWI for deposits or withdrawals from online casinos has numerous benefits for punters and casinos alike. Punters enjoy all the services offered by the trusted payment method. That means fewer worries regarding security and safety when making the transactions.

QIWI also eliminates the need for using a credit or debit card. That comes in handy when trying out new online casinos, ensuring that the card payment information does not land in the wrong hands. Other pros include language and currency localization and the convenience of fast deposits.

The main benefits enjoyed by online casinos with the QIWI payment option are increased sales, lower risk of returns, and access to markets with low credit card coverage.

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Best Live Casinos with QIWI

Best Live Casinos with QIWI

It´s an important factor to choose a live casino with safe and secure deposit methods. QIWI is a popular option among punters within the Commonwealth Independent States for making deposits to live online casinos. That is mostly because of how much it simplifies the deposit process. It also takes only a few seconds to process the deposited funds. That means minimal interference for punters during gameplay. The number of online casinos offering this payment option within the region QIWI operates is quite high. That means that it enables punters to choose virtually any local online live casino.

Depositing with QIWI

Punters need to register for a Visa QIWI Wallet account to use it for depositing funds into a real money casino account. The process usually takes a few minutes, with the requirements being personal identification, contacts, and banking information. Punters must then top up funds into the wallet. That can be done using credit cards or from QIWI kiosks in the Commonwealth Independent States. The last thing to check is whether the live online casino to which the funds will be deposited supports QIWI payments. If not, the punters might have to find an alternative online casino that is QIWI-friendly.

The deposit process starts by login into the QIWI-friendly live online casino and going to the banking options. Punters can then look for the QIWI deposit option among the payment methods listed on the site and click on it. Doing so will open a page on which punters must fill in the details of their QIWI accounts and the amount to be deposited. For subsequent deposits using the same account, punters will only need to select the saved account and input the amount to deposit. Clicking on the Proceed button will redirect the page to the Visa QIWI Wallet site. Punters will have to log into their QIWI accounts to complete the transaction.

Connecting QIWI Wallet to a Bank Account

Users cannot connect their QIWI accounts directly to their traditional bank accounts, except via Visa credit cards. That means that funds cannot be deposited directly to a live online casino from a bank account. On the other hand, withdrawals from an online casino cannot be sent directly to a bank account using the platform.

QIWI Deposit Limits

The minimum QIWI deposit limit is one euro. However, some live dealer casinos have higher limits on their terms and conditions. The maximum deposit amount is 500 euros per transaction as per the terms and conditions of QIWI. The maximum limit can be lower in some live casinos.

Best Live Casinos with QIWI