The Croatian Live Gambling Scene



Croatia is definitely a country you want to visit if you want to play at a physical casino, due to its regulations, that are wide open, especially when compared to other European countries. For many people, mostly tourists, gambling is one of the most popular activities ever. It’s permitted in Croatia, so that’s why many people visit this country.

The Croatian Live Gambling Scene

Physical casinos are still highly popular

When it comes to the regulations of physical casinos in Croatia, these are very relaxed. This means that the games that you can play at this type of live casinos like table ga mes or Texas hold’em poker are available at a lot of Croatian cities. There’s also a lottery, which is managed by Hrvatska Lutrija, as well as many games of chance like sports betting, bingo and also keno. Because of these incredible regulations, there are plenty of physical casinos in Croatia and one of the largest exists in Plovanija, called Casino Minerva. Casinos are also a tourism factor, since many have hotels. This is truly an advantage.

Online casinos are still developing in Croatia

Since 2010 that online casinos are allowed in Croatia. This because there was a new gambling act introduced then. This act basically sets out stuff such as licensing requirements, taxation regime for gambling companies and also for players, and outlines the role of the gambling oversight body. There were made other changes to this law in 2014, which resulted in stricter licensing requirements. Brands nowadays will have to provide proof of compliance and also to be willing to be inspected and audited by the authorities, which is very important. Besides of all of that, they also have to meet certain technical specifications.

At these casinos it’s possible to play live Texas hold’em poker, live blackjack, live roulett e and other live games . These, of course, besides the ones that are the regular games available. You can play any of the game you please, so there’s nothing to worry about. Just choose the one you like the most.

In the rest of Europe

There are other European countries that have a larger market share regarding online gambling than Croatia, especially the United Kingdom. This is mostly because Croatia is still establishing its internet infrastructure, whereas in the UK and all over Europe this is something that has already been done for some time. Not only that there are several casinos available for players in the UK. These casinos range from generic sites where it’s possible to access games such as blackjack and live Texas hold’em poker to more specific sites like poker sites where the providers specialize in poker games only. These specific niche sites offer plenty of versions of games including a wide range of tables, bonuses and payouts, which is perfect for those who love poker. It’s even possible to play live Texas hold’em and other live variants, so it’s an advantage for players.

It’s not just the number of providers that has made it possible for this success in the UK when compared to Croatia, it’s also related to the regulations of the country. Croatia only started regulating online gambling in 2014, while many countries started earlier. Plus, Croatians have a distrust in internet security, and there are many people who don’t know how to deal with a computer. This, obviously, makes them reluctant to use any payment method online. Additionally, there are many payment processors that are still getting established in this country. All more, players can be taxed up to 30% on what they earn at an live casino.

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