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Live Bet on Poker is a popular variation of single-deck Texas Hold'em poker game. The game is available in most mainstream live casinos, making it easily accessible to punters globally. The game's ability to accommodate an infinite number of players at a time is undoubtedly one of its most impressive attributes. That means punters do not need to worry about finding open poker tables to join when they want to play. The game is played against the live dealer only instead of against other punters, as is common with other live poker games.

Regarding matters aesthetics, Live Bet on Poker is nothing short of impressive. It has incredible visual and graphical solutions that give an immersive experience. The croupiers are also friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

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How to Play BetConstruct's Live Bet on Poker

Any punter above 18 years can play Live Bet on Poker. Poker players interested in this live poker title only need to find and signup at a live casino that offers the game. When choosing a live casino, punters must limit their options to licensed casinos. They can also consider other thing things such as jurisdictional restrictions, available payment methods, and language used. Locally based live casinos are typically more suitable for most punters as they offer numerous conveniences. Such include the use of local language and currencies.

The Rules of Live Bet on Poker

Live Bet on Poker's hand rankings follows official Texas Hold 'em poker ranking rules. From highest to lowest, the rankings are royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs, pair, and high card.

Cards are always distributed one by one in a clockwise direction. That helps to standardize the game and prevent any possible manipulation.

Punters must place their bets before the end of a betting round. As such, the gaming software does not accept late bets.

Something to note is that players can change the hand on which they bet during the round after some community cards have been revealed. There are also no raise or fold calls, as is common with land-based Texas Hold 'em poker.


The objective in this live game is to make the best poker hand consisting of two hole cards and any three cards from the community cards. Before the game starts, punters can place bets. The bets can be the card rank a winning hand will have or which hand will win. The game begins with the croupier dealing two hole cards to each playing position. A betting round then occurs, where any punter on the live stream can bet on any playing positions.

Three flop cards are then dealt simultaneously, and another betting round begins. The other betting round is after the turn card. Betting becomes tougher after every round as the odds change in real-time. After all the bets are placed, the croupier deals the river card to complete the five community cards and end the game. All the punters who bet on the winning hand win, and their winnings are credited to their gaming accounts.

Live Bet on Poker Payouts

In this live game by Betconstruct, payouts vary depending on the winning hand's rankings. The payout ratio for a winning hand with a royal flush, straight flush, or high card is 100:1. Four-of-a-kind, full house, and flush odds are 80:1, 8.7:1, 8.7:1, and respectively. Straight, three of a kind, and pair have 5.7:1, 6.8:1, and 5.8:1 respectively, with a two pair having the lowest odds at 3.1:1. The RTP rate is 97%.

The maximum bet amount allowed per player is €4,800 per round, and the minimum is €1. However, that might vary from one live casino to another. Players can cash their winnings by withdrawing through any of the options provided by the casino used. Most live casinos usually offer various withdrawal options to ensure punters can access their winnings in the most convenient way possible. In most cases, withdrawal processing usually takes up to three working days.

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