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When online live casinos were first introduced in the 1990s, they offered limited content and only accepted a few payment methods. A decade later, operators diversified the game selection and fortified their banking options.

Today, the best live online casinos feature more reliable means of depositing and withdrawing funds. Platforms targeting Swedish players have incorporated swift and safe methods like BankID to simplify the gaming experience.

Find out how a live casino with BankID works and check out our top recommendations below.

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Play at Live Casinos with BankID

Play at Live Casinos with BankID

Electronic IDs are mainly used in the Scandinavian region. About 70% of the population has an e-identification. BankID was first issued in 2003 and quickly gained popularity in Sweden. Today, it is used by over 8 million people for various purposes like online shopping, mobile banking, and betting at online casinos.

Swedish players are the main beneficiaries of this method, which helps combat identity theft and online fraud. Several other European nations have adopted similar approaches for electronic identification, with 50 million IDs already issued in Europe.

BankID is a surefire way to attract gambling buffs from Nordic countries considering its widespread use. Players are now flocking BankID casino sites because of their appealing transaction processes. Though the BankID system is inherent to Swedes, one doesn't have to be a Swedish citizen to use it in an online live casino. Foreigners interested in a casino with BankID can apply for a digital ID if they plan to stay in Sweden for a year or more.

For players to find which of the best live casinos offers BankID, players can view CasinoRank's list of casinos.

Play at Live Casinos with BankID
Smoother and Secure Gambling at BankID Casino Sites

Smoother and Secure Gambling at BankID Casino Sites

With the increasing incidences of cybersecurity issues, many gamblers are apprehensive about registering online accounts and disclosing personally identifiable information. Thanks to BankID, punters are sure to have their confidential data in safe hands.

Electronic identification takes a matter of seconds. This is one of the most sought-after features among casino players. A gambling platform that offers BankID is considered more stable and safer. It puts customers' safety first so they can make the most of the gaming selection without fear of being scammed. Even though it is yet to gain a vast global presence, the number of platforms offering casino mobile BankID is increasing every day.

Smoother and Secure Gambling at BankID Casino Sites
What is BankID?

What is BankID?

BankID is an ingenious system that allows Swedish banks, financial institutions, and merchants to authenticate online transactions and other agreements. This innovative method also helps sign digital documents such as concert tickets, mortgages, and tax returns. Ideally, BankID is the digital equivalent of a physical ID like a passport and driver's license in layman's terms. One can easily apply for the BankID from their bank branch or internet banking.

The issuing bank provides a security software app that users can download and install on their devices. A QR code or activation link is needed to activate the service. Alternatively, the user can request a smart card ID like a typical credit/debit card. The card has a unique PIN, and it also requires a card reader. After obtaining the necessary details, the user can log in to their internet banking account using the security app on their device.

With the online casino BankID, the player adds money to their bankrolls straight from their smartphones or desktop computers. Getting started with betting for real money is much faster. Punters do not need to fill in personal data to verify their identity. Some casinos with BankID do not require registration, which appeals to many gamblers today.

What is BankID?
Banks Offering BankID

Banks Offering BankID

Those who wish to have BankID must submit a Swedish social security number and sign an agreement with one of these issuing banks:

  • Swedbank
  • Nordea
  • Länsförsäkringar Bank
  • Danske Bank
  • Handelsbanken
  • ICA Banken
  • Sparbanken Syd
  • Alandsbanken
  • Skandiabanken
  • SEB
  • Ikano Bank
  • Svenska Handelsbanken

As far as the legal age is concerned, the bank will decide. Generally, BankID applicants must be 18 years or older- the same minimum age required to play at a live online casino with BankID.

Banks Offering BankID
How to Use BankID at Live Casinos

How to Use BankID at Live Casinos

The first step is to register with a BankID casino. Some live casinos operate with a no-sign-up, whereby players start to bet immediately. In most casinos, the first deposit is considered as registration. Here's how to use BankID in a live casino.

Depositing Money at a Casino with BankID

  1. Click the 'Start Playing' button to initiate registration
  2. Fill in the amount to add to the casino account
  3. Pick your country
  4. Choose your bank
  5. Sign in with BankID for the bank to authenticate the payment
  6. Submit everything that is needed using the unique BankID
  7. Confirm the payment

The transfer process should be done in a couple of minutes, and you can start playing your favorite live dealer games. Some casino bonuses are exclusive to BankID users, so you should take advantage of such offers when making the first deposit.

How to Use BankID at Live Casinos
How to Withdraw with Casino Mobile BankID

How to Withdraw with Casino Mobile BankID

Similar to depositing, players enjoy casino BankID fast withdrawals. The withdrawal process is as follows.

  1. Go to the 'Payout' or 'Get paid' or a similar page of the live casino
  2. Indicate the winnings to redeem into cash
  3. Initiate the transfer by entering your BankID
  4. Sign in to the BankID portal to confirm your identity and withdrawal request

Depending on your bank, the money can reach the account within a few minutes or hours.

How to Withdraw with Casino Mobile BankID
Benefits of Using BankID at Online Casinos

Benefits of Using BankID at Online Casinos

It is not difficult to understand why more players prefer BankID casino sites. Many benefits come with e-identification.

Efficiency and Security

Personal and financial information security is a major concern among online casino players. Cybercrime is more rampant than ever, and it is easier to get scammed while playing games of chance online. It is advisable to never submit confidential data to anyone over the internet for safety purposes.

Thankfully, e-identification has created a unique way to enjoy casino games without fear of data breaches. With BankID, the banking details are not passed to third parties. Any online casino with BankID ensures an efficient and secure casino experience.

The e-ID program automatically starts in the browser when making the first deposit. The player taps the app icon in a mobile phone case and enters the requested code to complete registration.

Security of data is the greatest benefit of using BankID in casino gaming. All transactions are legally binding and safeguarded with avant-garde encryptions.

No matter what bank the player chooses, an e-ID is the safest way to authorize online payments and confirm identity. All internet banking platforms use an SSL encryption protocol of 128 bits or higher.

Online live casinos with BankID strive to match this security standard. It is comforting for bettors to know that the bank approves the casino they want to play at. Using the BankID for gambling automatically grants efficiency and security at the same time.

Play Within Seconds

Many gamblers prefer platforms they can play casino games instantly. Tedious registration processes and slow payments are a huge turn-off. BankID casinos are easy to navigate and allow instant access to games since there is no need to download anything. All the player needs is to visit the site and choose their favorite games.

With e-identification, players can avoid unnecessary waiting time, which is a major impediment in traditional casinos. The system eliminates the need to submit proofs of identity and address before placing a real-money bet. Once the identity is confirmed digitally, the player can head to the game section in a couple of seconds.

The convenience of playing immediately minimizes the risk of scams by allowing users to scan QR codes when logging in to a casino site. That is why the player needs to store the BankID app in the same device they intend to access casino games with. Starting a casino game within seconds allows the player to learn the gameplay faster and master the strategy. Furthermore, some casino bonuses have a limited time frame, so getting started as soon as possible while the offer lasts is a good idea.

Fast Withdrawals

Just like deposits, BankID casino withdrawals are speedy. What's more, the e-ID simplifies the verification process, hence no need for extra documentation like in the case of regular casinos. Players simply need to select the amount and bank account, then sign in with the BankID. Within a few minutes, the money reaches the player's bank safely.

Again, users can access the digital banking account anytime with a single code. The mobile app is even more convenient, allowing users to validate online payments with fingerprint and face recognition mechanisms.

When choosing a live casino for BankID fast withdrawals, it is important to ensure that the platform holds a valid license. Some of the highly regarded licensing authorities are:

  • The Swedish Gaming Authority
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission
  • Malta Gambling Authority

Licenses issued by a European regulator are more trustworthy since most BankID casinos are currently available in European countries.

Benefits of Using BankID at Online Casinos
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