Live Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas Overview

Following AGIN's success, AGQ is the next platform, offering a similar selection of the best live casino games. The product caters to all types of players and is widely distributed across various tables. Asia Gaming is among well-known live casino game software developers with a strong market presence in and around Southeast Asia.

Players who want to try their luck at live casino games will appreciate seeing Asian agents as the main dealers rather than the typical Europeans. Asia Gaming has re-invented the segment to the point where the website is now an eye-opener in terms of live casinos and delivering other gambling products in the vast Asian market. Today's best live casinos rely heavily on games provided primarily by their developers.

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What is Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas?

The Live Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas game is from Asia, specifically Cambodia. It is thought to have originated there, but it has since spread throughout Asia and beyond. Dragon Tiger AGQ, like baccarat, uses six or eight card decks. Each round is a competition pitting two hands against each other. Rounds are fast with no distraction from the basic theme of the game.
Many live dealer online casino providers spice it up with side bets. Asia Gaming, however, maintains the simplicity and traditional concept of the game.

This is among the most straightforward games available at reputable live dealer casinos. The online set-up is so well crafted to bring out the feeling of a physical brick-and-mortar casino. Its simplicity and allure make it suitable for both amateur and seasoned players.

How to play Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas

When the live casino game loads, a prompt notifies the player to pick a seat alongside other players. Live Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas has a table with eight seats and a huge betting area. The casino live dealer's role is to host the game on behalf of the casino; they do not partake in actual playing/competition. The croupier does nothing more than deal the cards and then announce the winner at the end of each round. On the table, the Dragon and the Tiger compete for one card each. The players guess which card reveals a higher value or whether they will turn up equal after they are revealed.

There are three possible bets: dragon win, tiger win, and tie. To understand card ranking, players should first understand that a King has the highest point value. The value of the Ace is zero, making it the lowest-ranked card. Players should place their bets within 25 seconds. The dealer then announces the card that belongs to each hand.

A win of any single hand pays out even money. Tie bets, on the other hand, payout at 1:8 odds. If a player bets on a win for the Dragon or the Tiger and a tie occurs, they receive half of their wager back.

The Rules of Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas

The dealer draws two cards in each round. The goal is to predict which card gets a higher points score: Dragon or Tiger. If a player believes the Dragon will win, they can bet on the Dragon-square. Similarly, if they believe Tiger would win, they bet on the right side positioned Tiger-square. A tie and suited tie wager are also available.

Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas Payouts

The optimal RTP for the main bet Dragon/Tiger is 96.27 percent. In the game, players can place four different bets:

  • Higher/Lower Bets can be placed on Dragon High and also a Tiger High. If the 8-card is dealt, the player wins a Dragon High and a Tiger High. If a 7 or lower is dealt, they lose. They can also bet on Dragon Low going with a Tiger High. If a 6 is dealt, they win a Dragon low and a Tiger high. If they are dealt a 7 upwards, they are out.

  • A tie-bet: additional side bet that a live casino player can place on the card going Dragon or Tiger to have the same rank, no matter what suit it is. If the game round ends in a tie while they have placed the same bet, they will receive 50% of their original bet back. In this case, a tie results in an 11:1 payout.

  • A suited tie bet: Another additional side-bet that. It is made that the Dragon and the Tiger cards have the same rank plus suit.

  • If a player has placed a suited tie-bet and it yields, they will receive 50% of their bet back. The suited tie-bet pays 50:1 in this case.

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