Everything You Need to Know about the Martingale System for Roulette

The Martingale betting system, as it pertains to Roulette, is a basic strategy that only involves persistence, guts, and determination. As long as you have a decent enough size bankroll, this system can get you to the promised land, one win at a time.

When looking at the Roulette wheel, there are numerous opportunities for you to place bets and make money. The odds on hitting a single number are long, but as you work down the list to groups of numbers and then columns, the odds become more favorable for the player. In order for the Martingale betting system for Roulette to work, you need to focus on the bets where there are only two choices.

The bets that work best with this system are either red/black, odd/even, or 1-18/19-36. It really doesn’t matter which bet you choose, but for sake of this example we are going to bed just red. The ball is either going to be red or black, unless of course it hits the green zero, but the Martingale betting system takes that into account.

So for sake of this example we are betting only red. Now one thing you have to know at the start is this system is design ed to make money. This is not a glamorous betting system, there are no complicated formulas to memorize, you just need to bet in a specific pattern all the way. Again, for sake of this example, we are going to be betting only $5 per spin.

Place your $5 on red and if the ball lands in red, you just won $5. Next spin, you bet $5 on red again. Seems pretty straight forward at this point. Here is where the Martingale betting system gets a little adventurous. So let us assume that the ball landed in black, and you lost your $5 that spin. Next spin, you bet red again, but you have to double your bet to $10. If it lands in red now, your net win after that one loss is $5.

So here is where the Martingale betting system takes some commitment and some guts. Place $5 on red and the ball lands in black, now you bet $10, Black again, so now you double the bet to $20. Black again, so you double the bet to $40. Black again, so you double the bet to $80. The ball lands in red, and even after 4 losses, your net gain is $5.

Where the Martingale betting system separates the men from boys is after a rare run of 7 or 8 losses in a row. If you keep doubling your bet until you win, you might be betting $320 on a single hand. Regardless the bet, eventually that ball will land in red and you will net $5. Even after an hour you could be up enough to ride out those rare longer losing streaks.

As long as you stay focused on the end-game, those $5 bills are going to accumulate nicely in your online player’s account.